A Democrat Made Me Do It

by Fred

I’m voting for Rick Perry if he’s still in the presidential race a year from now. I have to say that, otherwise my family will lynch me for this video. Because they love me. But I really am definitely, probably voting for Perry. Maybe.

I’m not even sure how many of my family even like Sarah Palin anymore. Sarah Palin is something we don’t talk about.

I don’t hate Sarah Palin. Like most men, regardless of party, I love her. I’m not a democrat, but I sleep with one. And this video was her idea. I don’t even remember the band Winger who made this song famous. And I wouldn’t blame the band for getting back together just to come and stomp my ass for what I did to their song.

Perhaps I have taken up this subject a bit late in the game. Sarah Palin is kinda over. But she’s still alive. All the time I’m working on this, I’m thinking, This bitch better not get assassinated before I get this posted.

I used to pray to God that she wouldn’t get in the 2012 race, but now I hope she does, of course. YouTube searches for her would pick up dramatically. Funny how changing your attitude can change your opinion.




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