You All Ought to be Ashamed of Your Damn Selves

by Fred

I seriously thought this video would be more disturbing than it was. My drunken brother and I thought it was disturbing– and we used to throw cats at each other. Not much bothers us.

I posted this on facebook, and the comments are all sweet and mild, like, “What software is that?” I guess facebook users aren’t disturbed by a rich white guy swinging a whip at a negro public servant.

I’m not really admonishing you friends of The Fred Effect. You guys are excellent. I’m admonishing the YouTube and facebook people. You are jaded. Too many Transformer movies, probably.

Incidentally, if I’ve seemed distant lately, please remember that I love you all. I try to get around to as many of your sites as I can. Cartooning takes much more time than writing. I like the hard work, and I’m glad that you all don’t have to read so much text from me. Text is okay, but I’m just not feeling very “text”y lately.

More cartoons to come!

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