What the F*#%, Indeed!

by Fred

Howard Stern made his millions by tapping into the id of his listeners. He speaks his listeners’ thoughts: “I hate Kathie Lee Gifford’s guts, but I’d sure like to make love to her.” That kind of thing. “Personally, morally, I’m opposed to abortions, but there ought to be more of them.” See what I mean?

So, when Howard asks me in this video, “What the fuck is going on?” I really want to kiss him on the lips. Just a peck. Because he gets it. And Bob Dole, too. Love that man. He always sounds like he needs a hug.

I love honesty. And that’s what Sunny, the Smart Blonde, brings out in all his interviews.

Mitt Romney should never apologize for saying “I like firing people.” Or “I’m not worried about poor people.” But he apologized, and now it’s too late. He can’t win.

He should have watched my cartoons.

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