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I have never been an artist. But something possessed me, a few years ago, to start drawing cartoons. All these images are hand-drawn, but some are obviously traced. It’s just a new way of expressing things when the written word is not enough.

Tessa’s son and I made this sound track in 2003. Then, a few years later, I just started messing around with GIMP and made several animated frames. I pieced the frames together with Windows Movie Maker.

This video was made for Tessa’s birthday in 2012. It was made with AnimeStudio. The golden retriever in this video died in 2010. He has been in lots of pictures and video over the years. He is the dog represented in the banner, too.

This was made with AnimeStudio. The sound was recorded with condenser microphones and software called Audacity.

This is another GIMP and Windows Movie Maker project.