Kansas CDL Doubles/Triples Study Page

The practice test in this section is a combination test/study guide. You may take the test as many times as you like. THERE IS NO FEE, and we collect none of your personal information.

After you select an answer on the test, an “Explanation” box will pop up listing the page and section number where the correct answer is explained in the Kansas CDL Manual. The regulations will be the same for other states, but the page numbers will not correspond to manuals from other states.

You will want to use the Kansas CDL Manual when using the “Explanation” boxes. You can download the manual from this link. The title of the manual says “2005,” but the revisions are up-to-date to 2011. As soon as a revised manual is available, we will update the test and the page numbers. PLEASE NOTE: The page numbers are hyphenated: So, page 7-12 means section 7, page 12, NOT pages 7 through 12.

These questions are current to 2015.

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