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道 The Tao of Fredness

Fredness is the ineptitude that all men (and perhaps some women) feel at some point on any given day, usually when the blood sugar is running low. “Fred” is the name we give a basset hound, a parakeet who can’t talk, or the ugliest fish in the aquarium. On the other hand, fredness is also the moral pluck that keeps us going even when we know better. “Fred” is the name you give to that old station wagon that you can’t bear to part with because it refuses to die. Fredness is an inexpressible quality that exists in all things. Reportable amounts of fredness have been detected even in guys with cool names like Johnny and Vince and Stan and Barack. I have been a full-fledged Fred for forty-three years. My job is to gather data on the physics and metaphysics of fredness and report back to you.  This site is your connection to the fredness of the universe and your place in it.

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