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Dirty Word Forum

Feel free to use from or add to this list in the comments section.
I’ll be happy to highlight it and link to your site if I think it’s clever enough.

The Incomplete list of Inappropriate Words

from The Barrenness; London, England
from The Bloggess; Texas, U.S.A.
“the female equivalent of ‘cock-blocked'” from Julie McCullough; “The Funny Bunny” Playmate of the Month, February 1986
“shapely buttocks” from Vodka and Ground Beef; “This blog is herpes free.” [Possibly from Biz Markie]
dirt pickle
from The Johnny Dare Morning Show Kansas City’s Rock Station, 98.9 FM
from William Shakespeare (deceased); Stratford, England
fuck nugget
from Meg; full name and address withheld
pudding hatch

from Tessa Goupil; Topeka, KS [from lyrics to “Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo” by The Bloodhoud Gang]
from Minnow; Bagdad, Arizona
goat filcher
from Brian Miller; Olathe, Kansas
jelly button
from a vague childhood memory
vein cane
from Daniel Tosh of Tosh.O
mud packer
from Sean; Topeka, KS
sphincter biscuit
from Chris@Knucklehead
tapioca torpedo
from Jim “Suldog” Sullivan; Watertown, Massachusetts
from Kernut the Blond
cum bubble
from Consequently Slapdash [We are still researching as to what a “cum bubble” is, but we like it.]
cock stain
from Lisa Tibbets; Lewisville, Texas [from Clerks 2]
stink hammer
from Dave Bailey; lead guitarist for CleverMax; Ottawa, Kansas
Porridge Pistol
from socialassassin at Social Assassin: a sniper uses bollocks as ammunition; Somewhere in the British Isles
Cock-juggling thundercunt
bluzdude Darwinfish 2
from Allie at I’m Not Really a Barista
axe wound
Rene at This one is self-explanatory.
twat waffle
from Lisa Tibbets; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma This has been nominated twice. Might as well go with it.

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