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Kansas Monks Private Page

Welcome, Monks of Saint Benedict’s Abbey in Atchison, Kansas. My name is Fred Miller. I would like to ask you to consider allowing me to work on an audio project for the centennial history of the Abbey, namely, Kansas Monks: A History of Saint Benedict’s Abbey, by Peter Beckman, O.S.B. Yes, the centennial of the Abbey occurred ten years before my lifetime, but I have loved the Abbey since I was eighteen years old. I have read this book numerous times and have placed the first Benedictine in Kansas, Father Henry Lemke, in one of my works of fiction. I tried to tell the truth in my book. God-willing, others may read it someday.

My personal history is uninteresting. I graduated from Benedictine College in 1989 with a degree in English. If you have any questions about me you can ask them in the “Comments” section below. Or, Father Meinrad has known me for over thirty years, and, he tells the truth, mainly. It is entirely possible that Father Abbot remembers me, too, and he’s a very understanding man.

Below you will find links to some audio selections of Kansas Monks by Peter Beckman, O.S.B. If this project is permitted to go forward, you will be able to leave comments below: editing notes, corrections, pronunciations and so on. The “Comments” section works just like a blog. I do NOT require name or e-mail for comments. If the project is approved, I will add a chapter or two each week until it is completed.

© Copyright to all tracks of this audio production of Kansas Monks by Peter Beckman, O.S.B. is held by Saint Benedict’s Abbey of Atchison, Kansas.

“Audio Note”
“Chapter 1”

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